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Creativity. Self-Expression. Success.

The Premier Destination for
Leadership Development and Coaching Education

Aligned Action Ltd.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to achieve meaningful results that align with their true purpose.


Experience the transformative power of our coaching services, engage in immersive premium leadership development programs, and access exclusive coaching education.

Our journey began with a clear vision – to be a catalyst for positive transformation. Over time, we have evolved into a trusted partner, collaborating closely with our clients to help them realize their aspirations.


Our dedication to your success is unwavering, and we take pride in assisting you to

  • Build your vision

  • Create opportunities

  • Serve your community

  • Nurture resilience

  • Boost performance

  • Lead the way.

Aligned Action Coaching Mastery, Leadership, Resilience

Meet the Founders

Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova

Ves (Veselka)

Meet Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova -
the founder of Aligned Action Ltd.
and Partner at Aligned Action International
for South-East Europe
Aligned Action International, meet the partners

AAI Partners

Meet Jan Elfline - the founder of
Aligned Action International and
Paco (Juan-Francisco Ramírez Martínez) -
Partner at Aligned Action International

We Value

Creativity & self-expression

Creating conditions for authenticity and success

Mastering and reinventing

Strengthening habits and adjusting strategies


Getting outcomes effortlessly


Practicing self-reflection and awareness

Being at choice

Acting in alignment with own values


Trusting own potential and ability to change

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Welcome to Aligned Action Ltd. & Aligned Action International

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