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Resilience and wellbeing


We believe that individuals and organizations thrive when aligned within themselves and across all levels.

Being in alignment entails engaging in actions while also:

  • Renewing personal energy (physical, mental, and emotional)

  • Embracing a sense of purpose and empowerment

  • Cultivating inner motivation and fostering positive self-belief

  • Engaging in reflective practices to broaden one's mindset

  • Establishing rapport and cultivating trust in relationships.

These principles closely align with the Five Pillars of Resilience™️, a framework developed by Wraw®.

Aligned Action leverages Wraw® (Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing) assessment and training programs to offer both tailored and pre-designed solutions to clients in the CEE region.

Our resilience offerings encompass:

  • Individual assessments

  • Team evaluations

  • Personalized one-on-one feedback and resilience coaching

  • Team feedback and resilience coaching

  • Customized personal resilience training programs

  • Specialized training for resilient leadership

  • Comprehensive resilience training for teams

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Why resilience?

In a fast-paced environment, under the demands of diverse stakeholders with conflicting goals, we navigate ambiguity, feeling vulnerable.


We not only aim to recover from setbacks but also to leap ahead.

Individuals, leaders, and teams have the potential to heighten awareness of performance and resilience. By fostering productive personal and organizational habits, they enhance productivity and well-being.

Our approach is influenced by the concepts and tools of Wraw®.

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