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for individuals and teams


We are passionate about co-creating.

We partner with leaders, talents, professionals and/or teams, while assisting them to

  • Expand their awareness of what is

  • Create appealing vision for their future

  • Craft realisitc strategies for making the transition from the present to the desired future and

  • Remain flexible and disciplined while moving forward.

Our MCC (Master) and PCC (professional) certified coaches support individual and corporate clients to

  • Achieve specific results

  • Make changes with ease

  • Develop new habits and/or work practices

  • Transform inner limitation and overcome external barriers

  • Nurture healthy self-confidence

  • Maintain productive relationships

  • Live their mission

  • Create their legacy.


Our understanding is that coaching is both - practical approach to resolving complicated problems, as well as consistent support method for addressing complexity.

Our coaching clients are

  • Executives

  • Senior and middle managers

  • Talents

  • Project teams

  • Functional teams

  • Professionals in process of transition from one role to another, etc.

Businesses aiming to foster a coaching culture and offer widespread coaching access consistently choose our team as their preferred partner.

Email us and ask for more information on our services.

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What is coaching?

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

At Aligned Action, we hold the belief that a coach's purpose is to orchestrate a dialogue between clients—be they individuals or teams—and their inner wisdom.

We have full confidence in our clients' capacity for learning, self-discovery, and transformation, understanding that they possess the ultimate insights into their own paths.

Our approach involves guiding coachees through exploration and revelation, employing impactful inquiries, deep listening, and straightforward yet non-intrusive communication.

We encourage them to define goals, establish commitments, take responsibility for their actions, and commemorate each stride of their journey."

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