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development initiatives


We take pleasure in crafting and facilitating bespoke leadership development initiatives.

Our distinctive expertise harmonizes with our leadership philosophy, leading to impactful and practical learning journeys for clients.

Leadership Essentials

  • First time manager (20 hours)

  • Everyday coaching (20 hours)

  • Feedback skills (8 hours)

  • Goal setting skills (8 hours)

  • Focus management (8 hours)

  • Assertiveness (12 hours)

All programs entail small-bites, blended learning.

Leadership Mastery

  • Authentic leadership (16 hours)

  • Ownership mindset (16 hours)

  • Resilient leadership (16 hours)

  • The leader as a coach (20 hours)

  • Feed-forward feedback (8 hours)

  • Story telling for leaders (8 hours)

All programs entail small-bites, blended learning.


We are learner-centric. We partner with sponsors and learners while desiging the experience.

In design we rely on behavioural, values and resilience assessments.

The learning experience smoothly integrates

  • Virtual, small-bites learning (synchronous and asynchronous)

  • In-person workshops

  • One-on-one, group and team coaching

  • Pre- and post-learning analysis

  • On-the-job project work

  • Support groups

  • Mentoring

Our founder and team of contributors possess vast experience.


They served as entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, executives, L&D professionals and coaches.

Our clients come from various business fields

  • banking and finance,

  • insurance,

  • retail,

  • manufacturing,

  • IT,

  • telecommunications,

  • engineering,

  • pharma,

  • FMCG,

  • NGO sector, etc.

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