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Welcome to Part 1 of
the Aligned Action International
Coach Training Program

We are excited to have you on board for this transformative learning experience as part of the 2024 Copenhagen Cohort.

As we eagerly approach May 18th, 2024 the commencement of Day 1 is just around the corner.


Here, we provide you with a preview of the learning process and some guidance for your pre-training preparation in Moodle (click here) – our virtual learning platform.

In the coming months, anticipate an enriching journey where we will explore the brilliant essentials of coaching and empower you with practical skills and knowledge, aligned with the gold standard in coaching - the ICF Core Competencies.

Your active participation and dedication are key ingredients for a successful and rewarding experience. And to kickstart your preparation, we encourage you to delve into the AAI Moodle platform, where you will find valuable resources to enhance your understanding of the coaching landscape.


Over the next few months, we will be on a journey together, exploring the vast world of coaching and honing the core coaching competencies as defined by the ICF.


Throughout the program, we will delve into various ideas, tools, and processes that will empower you to integrate coaching into your current or desired professional role. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the discipline and equip you with practical skills to make a meaningful impact.


The most important resource for our work together will be your innate curiosity. Allow yourself to be curious and embrace not knowing. Stay open to exploration and discovery.

Consider arranging to take notes to capture insights, ideas, and thoughts important to you.


You are kindly invited to plan around 60 to 90 minutes prior to each module for warm-up activities in our virtual learning platform. By the end of Monday, May 13th, you will receive an email from containing your username and password. We kindly invite you to begin your preparation for Day 1 as soon as possible. Be aware that not taking the time to prepare will hinder your ability to engage in activities during our in-class work.

Preparation for Day 1 (May 18th 2024) in Moodle

Welcome videos

With Jan Elfline
(mastermind of the AAI Program)
and Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova (your facilitator)

Ves (Veselka) and Jan are excited to welcome you to the AAI coaching program and provide essential information about what lies ahead in the coming weeks.

As you watch the short videos (2-10 minutes), you will delve into the AAI coaching philosophy, explore the learning process, delve into the foundational principles of our collaboration, and immerse yourself in the theme for Day 1 - Curiosity.

Reading material

Tim Gallwey on coaching
(transcript of a presentation delivered at an ICF Conference in the late 1990s)

You are invited to read the transcript of a presentation delivered by Timothy Gallwey (Inner Gave of Tennis) at an ICF Conference in the late 1990s. This reading material masterfully portrays coaching as a discipline, mindset, and approach, setting the framework for our future work.

Warm-up quiz

on coaching

The quiz is crafted to help you reflect on your current understanding of coaching and it will serve as a foundation for our discussions and collaborative work on coaching during Day 1.

Should you need any assistance or have requests

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