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Group Mentor Coaching (PCC level)

  • 20Weeks


WELCOME TO THE ALIGNED ACTION INTERNATIONAL GROUP MENTOR COACHING This format is designed to meet your needs as a coach-practitioner who is on the path to individual credentialing with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). With us you will get a minimum of 10 hours of mentoring over a period of minimum 3 months. This will allow you to meet one more of the PCC-level criteria as defined by ICF. We will assist you to: ✔︎ Transform your learning into sound coaching practice ✔︎ Affirm your confidence as a coach by acknowledging your strengths ✔︎ Notice and celebrate your progress ✔︎ Craft a coaching style that is professional, ethical, intuitive and fluid ✔︎ Enjoy experimenting, sharing and learning in a supportive community ✔︎ Be ready for your performance evaluation at PCC or MCC level ✔︎ Partner with our MCC and PCC mentor-coaches ✉️ Email us at and ask for your information package.


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