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Feb 5, 2024 - Jun 28, 2024

2024 Exclusive: Resilience Boost Camp for Leaders

  • 145Days


2024 Exclusive Offering: Resilience Boost Camp for Leaders ▪️ For the 1st time in Bulgaria ▪️ A fusion of leadership development and boosting resilience ▪️ A holistic program integrating self-assessment, personalized coaching, and engaging group sessions ✔︎ Initiate your learning journey with resilience, values & strengths self-assessments ✔︎ Refine your focus and set clear program objectives in a one-on-one coaching session ✔︎ Cultivate your resilient leadership habits through six dynamic group sessions ✔︎ Deepen your exploration and accelerate your growth with personalized one-on-one coaching sessions ▪️ Commence on February 5th and continue through June 28th ▪️ More information find here


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